PlayStation® Designer's Interview

Takashi Sogabe

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Importance as a PlayStation® Family


We have asked you about the designs of the two new systems that were launched in 2009, the 15th anniversary of the original PlayStation® system. We can now see the linking of concepts as a PlayStation® family and we have the impression that inheritance is the key.

This was what we were aware of while developing the new models, more than anything else. We wanted to maintain one image of the PSP® platform, all the while being a member of the PlayStation® family. We wanted to provide hardware that had the sense that each belongs to one another, rather than introducing different colors or different design concepts every time a new model is released. The hardware improves with time and only the details are different. However, we want users to feel with any system, that "this is PlayStation®" with a strong sense of brand image and of being a part of the PlayStation® family.


The PlayStation® brand is now 15 years old and it continues to grow.

Certainly. The previous systems up to now relied on the personal skills of designers for the presentation and the newness of each single model. We have, of course, presented strength as a PlayStation® product, but we also want to present more strength as a group. As everyone now loves and supports PlayStation® as a major brand, we want to raise its brand power as a family even more.

So the first step of that design work is the new model PlayStation®3 system and the PSP®go system, which are on sale now.

That's absolutely correct. We deliberately did not pursue an outrageous new design with these two models. The key was to inherit the characteristics and identity of the PlayStation® family and have the sense of one overall design. We extracted the essence that makes PlayStation® a PlayStation®. We will keep carrying forward the essence of the previous models while aiming for PlayStation® designs that even more people will love.

Takashi Sogabe
  • 1960 Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  • 1983 Graduated from Nihon University, Art Department.
  • 1983 Joined Design Center, Sony Corporation.
  • 1996 Assigned to Design Center, Sony Corporation of America.
    In charge of a wide range of design projects for over 80 products including mobile audio devices such as the Walkman, Handycam, and car audio systems.
    See-through Walkman: WM-504
    Beautiful Walkman: WM-EX5
    HDD head unit: MEX-1HD
    VAIO: type Z
    Won the red dot award 2008 Best of the Best award, and IDEA award 2008 Gold Award with the Portable Reader System "PRS-505."
  • 2007 Joined Sony Computer Entertainment. Involved in designing the PlayStation®3 system.
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