About Folding@home

The Folding@home™ Distributed Computing Project at Stanford University

Since October 2000, over one million CPUs throughout the world have participated in this distributed computing project. The goal of this project is to research protein folding and misfolding to gain an understanding of how these are related to disease.

Targeted diseases include (but are not limited to) Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and many forms of cancer.

Your participation will help accelerate the understanding of these and other diseases.

For more information, please visit Stanford University's Folding@home™ website located at: http://folding.stanford.edu

Features of Folding@home™ for PlayStation®3

  • The PS3™ system's Cell Broadband Engine™(Cell/B.E.) processor will dramatically add to the computing performance of the Folding@home™ project.
  • Folding@home™ on PlayStation®3 utilizes the RSX™ graphics processor to provide a real-time visualization of the folding behavior of proteins.
  • The locations of PS3™ systems that are running Folding@home™ are displayed on the world map that is visible in the background.


The Role of Sony Computer Entertainment

Since 2007, Sony Computer Entertainment has offered an environment for distributed computing through Folding@Home application. With the termination of the services available through the Life with PlayStation(R) application, our support towards Folding@Home has concluded on November 6th, 2012.

Sony Computer Entertainment appreciates your support.